Thank you for your interest in Doe Creek Farm, and for navigating this far into our website. Our goal is to help you create a beautiful and memorable day for yourselves and your guests, while alleviating the stress caused by planning an event of this magnitude. We are a full service wedding venue. We listen to you, offer suggestions, and set-up and coordinate according to your desires and decisions. Rest assured that the day of your event, we have everything under control (including pinning the boutonnieres on the gentlemen), so you can enjoy your day.
How many SEATED guests can you accommodate? We can comfortably accommodate 160 seated guests, with room for catering, a dance floor, a bar, and other necessities. We have had as many as 180 comfortably seated inside the reception area, but the dance floor gets a little smaller.
What is the rental fee, and what does that include? The reception is $4400, and the ceremony is $900. The following items are included for the reception: 160 chiavari chairs, (20) 5' round tables, (8) 6' long tables, (3) 30" round tables, floor-length linens in white or ivory with matching napkins, lace runners, set up and clean up of all included items, venue coordinating. The following items are included for the ceremony: 170 white ceremony chairs, 20 shepherds hooks, pint-sized mason jars with wire hangers, rooms for bridal party to get ready, rehearsal, coordinating. For a detailed printable PDF of our pricing and what we include, please click HERE.
How much is the deposit? The deposit is $1000 and is non-refundable. The remaining balance is not due until 2 months prior to the wedding.
Is the venue private? Yes. We do not host weddings during our apple season, so weddings are 100% private events.
How many events are booked per day or per weekend? ONE. Your wedding will be our only event for the weekend, and you will have our full attention.
Is the ceremony site close to the reception site? Yes, the ceremony site is next to the reception site (separated by the yard and parking area).
Is there a changing area? The entire upstairs of the farmhouse (3 large rooms, a large bathroom and a balcony) is available for getting ready.
How much time is allotted for the rehearsal? Plan for about an hour.
Is the site handicap accessible? Yes.
Is there a rain plan? Yes. We use the reception area. We divide the room in half with ivory curtains, lengthwise, making it 20'x70' for the ceremony. We set up an indoor pergola and the chiavari chairs. On the other side of the curtains, we have all of your tables set up. Once the ceremony is over, we disperse the tables and chairs, remove the curtains, and we're ready for the reception. It takes 30 minutes or less, during which time your guests will be able to use the covered porches and restrooms and visit the bar. Most of the time, though, we wait out the rain (as long as the couple is willing to wait), wipe down the ceremony chairs, and proceed outside. Guests are welcome to wait out the rain inside the reception area.
How long will I have the event space? Day before: We allow 5 hours for decorating on the day before, and an additional hour for the rehearsal. We will have the tables in place and linens set and ready. Day of: You can come as early as 6 hours before the scheduled reception to set up/decorate. If you're having your ceremony here, the farmhouse will be open 5 hours prior to the ceremony for the bridal party to get ready. We allow 7 hours for the reception, starting with cocktail hour. Day after: You are welcome to come back the day after the wedding to retrieve any of your belongings/decorations.
Is there an in-house caterer? No, but there are several fantastic caterers in the area we are happy to recommend. We do have a restaurant on the property (and our chef has previously owned her own catering business), but as the restaurant picks up, we will need to narrow our focus. We can make some pretty fantastic snacks for you and your bridal party to enjoy while getting ready, if you like. As far as catering the meal at the wedding, we're trusting you to choose a caterer (they must be licensed) that fits your budget and preferences, as that is a very personal decision.
Can I bring a cake/ dessert from an outside source? Is there a fee for cake-cutting service? You are welcome to bring in your own cake/ desserts. We do not charge a fee to cut the cake, but you are responsible for bringing utensils to cut and serve the cake (knife, plates, forks). If you would like us to cut the cake, we are happy to, just please let us know so we can schedule that.
Can I bring in my own alcohol? Yes. We are partnered with our family's award-winning winery (Altillo Vineyards) for wine, but you are welcome to bring anything else you like. We do provide bartenders, glassware and ice for an additional fee. For a detailed printable PDF of our pricing and what we include, please click HERE.
Are there restrictions on what type of music I can play or at what time the music must be over? Can you accommodate a DJ or a live band? There are no restrictions on the type of music played or at what time it is played. We can accommodate DJs and live bands, but because our reception space is enclosed, DJs or small bands generally sound better.
Is there parking on site? Is the parking convenient to the ceremony and reception space? Yes, we have plenty of parking between the ceremony and reception space, making it very convenient for guests coming and going.
How many restrooms are there? 4. We have two large, handicap-accessible restrooms in the reception space and another two restrooms connect to the outside of the packinghouse.
Is on-site coordinating available? If so, what is offered, and is there an additional fee? Yes, we do offer on-site coordinating. Your coordinator is available to you throughout your planning process to answer any questions you or your other vendors might have. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you and to ensure that you and your guests are well taken care of. The month before the wedding, we will help you create a timeline for the event. We will also discuss and create the layouts for both the ceremony and reception, so we can have everything in place and ready to go for you. We coordinate, in detail, the ceremony, and we walk you and your bridal party through the rehearsal. We are present the day-of to meet your vendors as they arrive, and we stay the entire evening to be sure that everything flows smoothly according to your timeline. There is no additional fee associated with this service.
Do you offer security guards? If not, am I required to hire my own? No, and no.
Does the venue have liability insurance? Yes.
Can I hire my own vendors? Yes. We are happy to offer suggestions and will provide you with vendor recommendations, but you are welcome to hire whomever you like (we do ask that caterers be licensed). 
Do you have signage or other aides to help direct my guests to the venue? We do have a large "Doe Creek Farm" sign at our entrance. It is a good idea to bring something (balloons or a sign) to mark the first turn off of the highway so guests know they're going the right way.
Do you have a recycling policy? We do recycle glass and aluminum (there will be a container for that at the bar). We hope that your hired caterer also recycles and is mindful about disposables, but that's between you and them.