Apple Varieties

We are closed for the 2017 season.  

Thank you and see you next year!

Both modern and heirloom varieties suited to our region have been carefully selected for you and are listed below.   

  • Candy Crisp:  Sweet, juicy taste. This beauty showed up as a chance seedling in one of the oldest Red Delicious blocks in the country, in the Hudson Valley in NY. It is a glassy yellow apple with an extremely mild, somewhat pear-like flavor. What a unique apple!
  • Enterprise: Firm and crisp, spicy aroma and mild tartness. The apples are a glossy red color and can be stored for 3-6 months in a domestic fridge. While Enterprise is good for eating fresh, it is perhaps better as a cooking apple where its tart flavor can be used to advantage.
  • Goldrush: A crisp dessert apple with a tart tang that sweetens with age. Excellent fresh or in pies or crisps.  A properly stored goldrush apple will keep its crisp, firm texture and complex flavor for at least seven months. The skin of a goldrush apple is greenish-yellow with occasional bronze to red blush at harvest which turns to solid deep yellow in storage.
  • Granny Smith: Crisp, juicy and tart. Perfect for either baking in pies, stewed in sauces or eating out of hand. They're also great in salads because once cut, they keep their color longer than most other apples.
  • Grimes Golden: One of our local favorites, believed to be one of the parents of Golden Delicious. The fruit is small to medium in size and the skin is greenish-yellow, ripening to a clear yellow. The yellowish flesh is crisp and tender, with a spicy/sweet flavor. It is a good all-purpose dessert and cooking apple and has been a favorite for making hard cider.
  • Honeygold: Tastes like Golden Delicious with a kiss of honey. Fruits are golden yellowish green with a bronze blush.
  • Jonafree: A Jonathan-type fruit with more red color, less acid and a firmer texture. It has a bright red color and a spicy, fragrant sweet-tart taste. These apples make flavor-filled pies, cider and delicious old-fashioned candied apples.
  • Jonagold: Unique flavor makes the fruit luscious enough to serve by itself as dessert. This crisp super apple is a cross between the tart Jonathan and the sweet Golden Delicious. The result is a tasty treat for all.
  • Liberty: This medium sized fruit has red stripes with greenish undercolor and is similar to McIntosh apples, tart with a course texture. Liberty is used as an all purpose apple and can be eaten fresh or used in processing or freezing. This apple can be stored fresh for 3-6 months.
  • Mutsu: Complex and spicy flavor. This tree is the result of a cross between the Golden Delicious and the sweet Japanese variety apple called Indo. Also known by the name Crispin Apple, the fruit is larger and rounder than Golden Delicious.
  • Myra Fuji: An attractive modern apple with a lovely pink speckled flush over a yellow-green background. It is crisp and juicy with a dull white flesh which snaps cleanly. The flavor is predominantly sweet and very refreshing, especially if slightly chilled.
  • Red Fuji: Sweet, firm and juicy, our Red Fuji extends the season for these popular apples after our Myra Fuji season is over. Though they are a favorite at the grocery store, these apples (like any other) are much better plucked from the tree. Long-lasting flavor and they keep for several months when refrigerated.
  • Royal Empire: The sweetness of Delicious and the flavor of McIntosh. Empire apples have a sweet-tart taste that is ideal for eating and salads but also breat for sauce, baking, pies and freezing.
  • SnowSweet: A top choice for apple salads as it remains crisp and white long after cutting and has a white crisp flesh that's sweet, delicious and perfect for fresh eating.
  • Supreme Staymared: A Stayman variety with a hard crispy yellow flesh. Its flavor is tangy and it is best for Baking Sauces and ciders. For a fresh eaten tart apple, its flavor is superb.
  • Ultra Gold: A new variety of Golden Delicious which retains that delicious sweet flavor. This fruit is improved with a better storage life and it is less susceptible to shriveling than other Golden Delicious varieties.
  • York Imperial: Also known as Johnson's Winter, this apple has a yellow flesh which is crisp and juicy, with a sprightly subacid to sweet flavor that remains even after long storage.
Our apples grow in limestone soil at an elevation of 2,200 feet with a mountain spring-fed water supply, which we think is especially favorable for flavor and quality. Our apples are allowed to ripen on the trees ~ not in the store ~ and they travel from the field to your car all of a few hundred yards ~ not miles.